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Nick Brown to Run the 2023 Boston Marathon for Our Library!

HPLF is thrilled to announce that Hopkinton resident, Nick Brown, will be running the 2023 Boston Marathon on April 17 to support Hopkinton Public Library!


Nick's Story

I grew up north of Boston and went to college in Worcester.  After school, I spent about ten years in the city where I met my wife Alison.  In the Spring of 2014, we moved from the South End to Hopkinton in pursuit of fresh air, our own space, and a good school system for our growing family.  Our oldest, Kaleigh, had just turned one that winter (now nine going on ten), and a couple of years later we had William (now seven).  It’s hard to believe it’s now been almost nine years!  

Around the same time we moved to town, the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation's efforts to raise money for renovation and expansion of the original building were at full speed.  And, from that campaign, our beautiful town has one of the nicest public libraries around.  Today, driven again by the HPLF, the creation of an exciting new “Library of Things” is in full swing, and I am honored knowing that my fundraising will significantly impact this wonderful new resource.  


I have always had a passion for everything active and outdoors, including running of course!  Over the years, I've participated in dozens of road-races of varying lengths and type including several half marathons.  However, I have never run the full 26.2.  Growing up in Massachusetts, running Boston has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember!  And, after living here in the town where it all begins for nearly a decade, the Boston Marathon has become a point of pride.  Watching Hopkinton awaken from a long winter, alongside the grass and flowers, never gets old.  My family and I love welcoming and cheering on the thousands of athletes from around the world.  It’s been so exciting to be a part of from the sidelines, but I’m looking forward to finally getting in the game!  

Thanks again to the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation for giving me the opportunity to play an active role in its latest fundraising efforts and accomplish a lifelong goal.

Make a Gift!

To support Nick in his marathon effort for Hopkinton Public Library, please donate using the MARATHON DONATION button above or mail a check to Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, P.O. Box 16, Woodville, MA 01784.

Matching Gifts count toward Nick’s marathon fundraising. Here is a link to HPLF’s 501(c)(3) letter should your employer offer a matching gifts program. Please contact us at with any questions.  Thank you!!

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